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>>> making news in america this morning, high anxiety along the gulf coast. >> isaac barreling across the gulf of mexico. it's expected to landfall this evening. >>> are the new levees in new orleans up to the task? >>> mitt romney and paul ryan arriving in tampa as the republican national convention gets into full swing. >>> and a dramatic landing for a helicopter during rush hour. instead of covering the story, the pilot and passenger actually became the story. >>> good morning, everyone. and paula faris. >> i'm john muller in for rob nelson. we begin with isaac, within striking distance of the gulf coast. >> isaac, to get more strength before blowing ashore this evening. brandi hitt is there as the levees are put to the test. good morning, brandi. >> reporter: good morning, paula. that's the big concern. but officials say they do believe the levees will hold up in the storm. right now, there isn't a lot happening as you can see. the winds are slowly picking up. but that's about to change as isaac comes ashore. the gulf coast is bracing for isaac. >> it brings great danger wi
tropical storm isaac and could be hurricane isaac, soon. that is it from tampa. fair, balanced and unafraid. ♪ this is a fox report. tonight isaac on the verge of becoming a hurricane. the predictions have changed. new orleans is in the sites and the gulf is on watch. right now. it is headed for the north and this is a problem. it is important to be on high alert .... new orleans now preparing for the worst . and communities all over the coast doing the same. >> i wouldn't do and whatever happens, happens. >> tonight, millions get ready for growing storms. and in tampa, delegates in the republican national convention get ready to choose their candidate. >> planning for a tuesday, wednesday and thursday convention and a week to see what happens with the storm. >> tonight, rewriting the script for the rnc. but first from fox, this monday night, the situation with the storm here in new orleans has gotten much more serious than we reported here in the studio. at that time the national hurricane center said it would be a strong category hurricane, the weakest of them all. they bel
today" -- on alert. tropical storm isaac takes aim at new orleans almost seven years to the day after hurricane katrina. >>> a change in plans. isaac forces an abrupt change to the republican national convention. >>> and rare arrival. a giant panda in china welcomes >>> and rare arrival. a giant panda in china welcomes a brand new bundle of joy. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and very good morning to you. welcome to our viewers across the nation including the pacific time zone. i'm veronica de la cruz. today we begin with tracking isaac. folks from new orleans to florida panhandle are watching and waiting as isaac makes its way into the gulf of mexico. forecasters say by the time isaac makes landfall, it could be a dangerous category 2 hurricane. nbc's jay gray reports. >> reporter: isaac continues to intensify in the gulf. wind and rain thrashing florida for much of the day. >> we're very vulnerable. we're only about two feet above sea level. >> reporter: thousands are without power. officials have reported mandatory evacuations in many coastal communit
sunday. >> right now, reports of widespread electrical power outages across south florida as isaac takes aim and mandatory evacuations already in parts of new orleans. i'm harris falkner, we're live as fox reports tonight. >> storm surge, it's a potential hazard all the way around from louisiana to southern florida. >> a powerful deadly storm on a collision course with the gulf coast. parts of florida already feeling the pain, but now, forecasters say isaac could be headed to new orleans next. essentially making handfall exactly seven years after katrina. >> also, the storm's potential effects on this week's republican national convention in tampa. already been pushed back an again. >> out of abundant caution and everyone's safety concerned, this is the right decision to make. >> tonight, the g.o.p. battens down the hatches as isaac threatens to crash the party. florida is already taking on the full force of trrm tropical storm isaac, it could become a category 2 hurricane and possibly slam new orleans on tuesday or wednesday, that would be the very same day the city marked seven y
>> cowan: tonight, tropical storm isaac targets the gulf coast with forecasts that it could flex into a dangerous category ii hurricane. manuel and mark strassmann are both in isaac's path. the republicans are set to take center stage in tampa, even as isaac scrambles gop's schedule. we will talk to bill whitaker, jan crawford and john dickerson about that. tampa has one of the highest homeless rates in the nation. we will show you what the city is doing to help them build a new life. and their name translates to: man of the forest. john blackstone on the fast disappearing orangutan. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> cowan: good evening, i am lee cowan. tropical storm isaac tonight is battering the florida keys, it is primed to power up to a dangerous category ii hurricane and forecast a hit to florida's panhandle all the way to louisiana, including the new orleans, some time on wednesday. that would be the seventh anniversary of hurricane katrina. right now, isaac stretches more than 200 miles from its center, with top sustained win
isaac is gaining strength. forecasters say it could become a cat 2 hurricane and possibly slam new orleans nearly seven years to the day of hurricane katrina. currently florida, mississippi, louisiana, and alabama are all under states of emergency. lawmakers in tampa have postponed the first full day of the republic national convention. that will start now on tuesday. >> for more on isaac's current path, let's go to gwen talbart in the weather center. what is the latest? >> we just got the latest updates from the hurricane center and not a lot of significant change from the last update at 8:00 tonight. it continues to churn across the florida keys. it's going into the warm waters of the gulf and upper air pattern continues to be pretty much the same. increase in speed the next 12 hours and it could make landfall anywhere from the texas and louisiana border, east to the alabama florida border. that's uncertain now. it's a well established upper level system. we haven't got a lot of change. we do have storm surge to be concerned with. now it's maximum sustained winds at 65 miles per
isaac estÁ llegando a las costas de. >>> los lÍderes hispanos, tenemos pocas respuestas de los funcionarios que han estado heridos por los policÍas en mÉxico, comenzamos con la ediciÓn del noticiero telemundo, desde tampa florida. >>> el huracÁn isaac ha dejado inundaciones en luisiana y tenemos el 5, 3% de las personas son historia pondrÍ historia. >>> hola ¿quÉ tal? estamos en tampa en donde la convenciÓn republicana estÁn hablando de las elecciones en noviembre y ahora vamos pasar nueva orleans en donde isaac esta poniendo a en problema a los servicios de emergencia y tenemos a cristina. >>> josÉ, ayer comenzamos el noticiero contando que huracÁn isaac habÍa tocado tierra en luisiana y ahora aÚn no se va, aÚn tenemos rÁfagas de viento aÚn no tan fuertes, aunque isaac no ha sido tan terrible como katrina si tenemos desastre en esta regiÓn. >>> ha dejado una gran destrucciÓn y han des fad las Órdenes de evacuacion. >>> la guardia nacional ha tenido que esperar que mejorara el clima para seguir con uso lab labors. >>> en luisiana han recorrido las calles en d
text disaster. tropical storm isaac is taking aim at new orleans. >> with safety on your mind students return to class this morning. how the school is putting families' mind at ease. the stories straight ahead on this tuesday, august 28th. good morning. i am charley crowson. >> i am megan pringle. we have a lot to talk about this morning. but first let's get to the weather. >> good morning. let's talk about what's going on on maryland's most powerful radar as of now. because we are seeing wet weather popping up. so this will be contained to the morning hours. and they as we go more into the afternoon, things will dry out and we will get clearing but this is what we are working with this morning as we sled into harford -- slide into harford county around bel air. we have showers coming in across the area. heaviest rain towards dealtate maryland pennsylvania line and showers around jaretsville and sliding -- jarrettsville and across i-83 wet weather and baltimore county and carroll county and westminster. tawnytown getting in on the action this morning. so as you head out, make sure to h
today," all eyes on isaac. florida's gulf coast watches and waits as tropical storm isaac churns in the caribbean. >>> game over. lance armstrong gives up his fight against doping allegations and loses seven tour de france titles. >>> and fresco fiasco. a spanish woman's attempt at art >>> and fresco fiasco. a spanish woman's attempt at art restoration go horribly wrong. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello. very good morning to you. i'm veronica de la cruz. today we begin with a storm threat. tropical storm isaac is still hundreds of miles away. a direct impact has florida residents preparing now. nbc's kirk gregory has the latest. >> reporter: wind and rain in puerto rico. a glancing blow from tropical storm isaac as the system meanders across the caribbean. hurricane warnings are in effect for the dominican republic and in haiti where aid groups are mobilizing to assist the thousands of people still struggling i make-shift shelters 2.5 years after an earthquake destroyed the capitol city. >> the next 24 hours will be critical for the population of haiti and
news ." >> this is "bbc world news america" reporting fathers washington, i'm jane o'brian. isaac takes aim at the gulf coast. new orleans braces for the storm and hopes history doesn't repeat itself. >> now's not the time to tempt fate. now's not the time to dismiss official warnings. you need to take this seriously. >> an israeli court rules the military was not at fault for killing u.s. activist rachel curry, a decision her family calls deeply troubling. >> and strike up the orchestra. these iraqi musicians are hitting a high note for a determination to overcome the odds. >> welcome to our viewers on pbs and around the globe. right now all eyes are on isaac. category hurricane one today and is now headed towards the gulf coast. its arrival comes exactly seven years after katrina blew ashore with devastating force and now officials are working to make sure the proper precautions are in place. the bbc covered katrina's aftermath for us and he starts our coverage tonight from new orleans. >> the first squalls of hurricane isaac are starting to hit new orleans, bringing back terrible mem
where airlines have canceled hundreds of flights as tropical storm isaac lashes southeastern florida battling the keys this evening expected to gain strength as it moves over the gulf of mexico. the storm could make landfall somewhere along the gulf coast. >> reporter: isaac is now barreling towards the gulf coast and they have issued a hurricane warning that includes new orleans. the mayor of that city is telling his citizens to get ready and get ready now. here in key largo they are breathing a sigh of relief. they really feel like think dodged a bullet on this one. one-- they dodged a bullet on this one. isaac is bringing 60 mile-per- hour winds, rain and sufficient refer to the florida keys. in key -- surf to the florida keys. in key largo some surfers aren't getting it ruin their weekend. what is making you feel safe? >> we put up all the industrial grade shutters. >> reporter: karla and steven pritchard aren't taking any chances. they woke up early to head home. you guys just got married and you're getting out of town. >> we are. >> reporter: the newlyweds refused to let the
that could become hurricane isaac by later tonight. >>> remember this mess on monument street, the sinkhole opened up in the 2300 block of monument has reopened again. the hole is about 50 feet deep this time and they evacuated resident and businesses on the street. >>> if you're out and about, in times like these, you want to be prepared. know the weather wherever you're going by downloading our weather app. all you have to text is 46988, and stay on top of weather alerts. >>> talk about the weather, now to florida. where tropical storm isaac is getting closer and stronger. the latest projections say it will be soon hurricane and it is veering west and away from a direct hit on the sunshine state. the threat from isaac already had impact on the race for president. karen travis reports from the republican national convention tonight in tampa. >> reporter: isaac is trimming the coastal waters of florida. residents digging in and republicans are scrambling to alter their national convention. isaac gave floridaians a reason to be nervous. winds and torrential winds is no doubt that worse is o
>>> tropical trouble. tropical storm isaac heads towards the gulf coast expected to make landfall as a powerful hurricane. states of emergency in louisiana and mississippi. drenching the convention. isaac forces a change of plans at the republican convention in tampa. but the gop vows to press ahead. >>> california quakes. dozens of earthquakes rattle and roll residents in southern dozens of earthquakes rattle and roll residents in southern california. captioning funded by cbs >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, august 22, 2012. >>> good morning everybody. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. this morning, tropical storm isaac is gaining strength as it churns across the warm waters of the gulf of mexico. isaac is forced to hit the gulf coast as a hurricane late tuesday or wednesday. isaac is 450 miles southeast of the mouth of mississippi river. that storm moving west, northwest with sustained winds of 65 miles per hour. isaac is moving away from the florida coast. hurricane warnings are posted from morgan city, louisiana to destine, florida, including new orleans. e
with antioch police. >>> tropical storm isaac is expected to become hurricane isaac as it moves over the gulf of mexico. and we will have more on whether isaac could make landfall tonight or tomorrow. >> reporter: the winds are 25 miles per hour and we expect them to deteriorated quickly as the threat of isaac looms and president barack obama has declared use use a state of emergency and this state as well as other states are prepared. >> we are not taking any chances, homes and businesses... >> it is approaching the central gulf coast. >> reporter: isaac is expected to hit sometime today and it could also hit mississippi where the state is taking every precaution necessary. >> we have to err on the side of caution. if they say it is a category 2, we have to plan for a category 3. >> reporter: in louisiana, the u.s. army corp of engineers are busy piling tons of sand to reinforce new orleans levee system from back in 2005 but residents say after surviving that storm they can handle isaac. >> we should be relatively okay. i am not kidding myself, i know we will have wind and water but as far a
isaac. yes, we are live. this turns out to be a doosie of a storm. it slowed to a crawl. >> that's the problem. it is creating a threat of flooding across the gulf coast. it is simply sitting there. it is seven miles per hour and it is not really moving. the louisiana governor set the stage on tuesday warning folks about what lies ahead. >> for areas in the direct path of the storm there will be hurricane-force winds and perhaps lasting as long as six and 10 hours. additionally the slow movement of the storm means there is a greater chance of heavy rain. the forecast shows there can be as much as anywhere between 10 and 16 inches of rain in some of the areas. slow movement obviously means not only lon -- longer duration for the winds, but we could see tornadoes today and tomorrow. >> so bad news, it is stalled. let's begin our coverage with our chief meteorologist. >> that is a problem. it means it is going to rain across southeastern louisiana, mississippi and alabama. this will be a 30-- 36-hour event of the strong winds and strong rain of the unfortunately major problems for t
't want to. >>> closing in, all eyes are on isaac as the massive storm gains strength and heads for the gulf shore. >>> back on track, candidate, mitt romney joins his fellow republicans as the storm is delaying the convention in florida. climate change, the sweltering summer melts crucial ice in the arctic ocean to record lows. >>> good morning. i'm lynn berry. those stores and more are ahead. this is "first look" on msnbc. >>> we are going to begin this morning with that gathering storm. as tropical storm isaac takes aim at new orleans, the next 24 hours are going to determine just how destructive this storm is going to be. nbc's danielle lee joins us from new orleans. good morning. >> reporter: it is starting out as a relatively calm morning here in new orleans. people are not letting that receive them. many businesses have laid out sandbags and the precautions ahead of the storm. the sounds of drills and hammering could be heard throughout low-lying areas of the gulf. people are bracing themselves for the heavy winds and rains being brought by isaac. >> we are going to stick
could get by tomorrow everyoning. >> okay topper. one of the striking things about isaac is how similar its path is to katrina's. even though the storm is not expected to be as strong, people along the gulf coast are not take the chances. more on preparations there. >> reporter: at the seventh anniversary of hurricane katrina. new orleans and much of the gulf coast is preparing for tropical storm isaac. >> whenever we are confronted with a storm, hope for the best, even as you prepare for the worst. >> after blowing through haiti and cuba, isaac made its way toward florida. where heavy rains and strong winds caused minor damage. in tampa, the republican national convention was delayed for a day as the storm approached. louisiana officials are urging residents to take precautions. >> if your plan has always been in hurricanes of this nature to leave, now would be a good time to go. if your plan was to stay, now is the time to start to execute the preparations that you have put in place. >> evacuations are taking place and states of emergency have been ordered. >> a note is mandato
, the threat of isaac looms large. from mississippi. >> we have issued a declaration of emergency for the storm. >> and louisiana. >> it is important for mississippiens to take this storm seriously. and prepare now for its potential impact. >> and on the sake week hurricane katrina hit seven years ago. >> it has been a very active weather day here in our area and in the tropics. >> tonight a lot of information to share with you when it comes to where things stand with the storm and what's to come. >> some big decisions by several gulf coast states. let's get things started with steve who has been tracking all the things. >> it has been a very busy evening tracking tropical storm isaac now emerging over the warmer waters of the gulf of mexico key west, it was just a tropical storm. it has yet to intensify to a hurricane and not expected to do so for at least another 12 to 24 hours. but once it does it could rapidly expand with winds o of around 100 miles per hour. the latest track of 11:00 the latest reading now show it coming to shore lat
with tropical storm isaac. this is a live look in new orleans, where the rain is finally letting up. on storm4 radar, you can see isaac beginning to move inland, still dumping heavy rain across louisiana and mississippi, where people are bracing for another long day. good morning and welcome to "news4 today." i'm eun yang. >> and i'm richard jordan. aaron gilchrist is on assignment at the republican national convention. right now, there are still people waiting to be rescued from their homes, trapped by floodwaters. here is the latest on isaac now. the storm continues battering parts of the gulf coast. it's moving just 5 miles per hour, which means it could be another day of deluge for thousands of residents. president obama has declared federal emergencies in louisiana and mississippi. that frees up federal aid for those affected areas. as many as 700,000 people still do not have power. isaac is also being blamed for at least one death in the region. >> plaquemines parish in louisiana is one of the areas hardest hit by isaac. water overtopped a levee there, flooding hundreds of homes. the par
but first an update on hurricane isaac. category 1 storm bearing down on the gulf coast right now. we have live team coverage for you. in a moment we will go with phil keating live in theodore, alabama. >> meteorologist ma roa molina right here in the extreme weather center. but first we go to jonathan live in new orleans where isaac has been hoovering all night long. jonathan? >>> johnathan can you hear me? a windy situation as isaac makes land fall. >> in new orleans you can see we are experiencing heavy rain, heavy winds with hurricane isaac coming ashore. governor jindal and other state officials preparing to deal not only with the onset of the storm but also the aftermath. the governor issuing several executive orders, one of them authorizing registered emt's from other states to come into louisiana to assist if needed. the governor is also mobilized 4,000 national guardsmen. they have been called to active duty to assist with communication, engineering and law enforcement during and after the storm. there's the potential for as many as 8,000 national guard troops could be called into
(♪). >>> tormenta tropical isaac en las costas del golfo de mÉxico, las familias estar esperando el ciclÓn. >>> tenemos la fiesta en tampa, tenemos el mensaje de el partido. >>> tenemos una batalla de los niÑos lejos de las aulas en una comunidad en mÉxico. >>> lo que dice un estudio de el consumo de marihuana y la forma de entender las cosas. >>> noticiero telemundo. >>> hola ¿quÉ tal? les salud del tampa en la sede republicana y estÁn dando un discurso, uno de los muchoss hispanos que va estar hablando en esta convenciÓn republicana y hoy le dieron al ex gobernador de massachusetts mitt romney los votos que faltan junioed junto compaÑero de fÓrmula paul ryan. >>> el tormenta tropical isaac en esta mÉxico y tenemos la informaciÓn al respecto de esta noticia a continuaciÓn. >>> ¿quÉ tal? buenas tardes tenemos a tormenta tropical isaac y se los presento y estÁn en el estado de luisiana y en la ciudad de nueva orleans y hemos visto pasar a los carros de policÍa , pero las calles estÁn solas, los vientos han ido cobrando fuerzas hasta que lleÓo el huracÁn temido
>> it tropical storm isaac bearing down on florida, causing problems for people living there and organizers of the republican national convention. now, a hurricane warning for new orleans. >> we have whether issues of our own. we will tell you where this of water shot popped up and a massive delays at the airports. >> live and in h.d. -- this is abc 7 news at 6:30, on your side. >> we have certainly seen our share of rain today and it has had a big impact. at the maryland state impact close -- state her clothes for the day and there was a four- hour delay at bwi. the shore has been hit particularly hard. this idea was posted on youtube earlier today -- actually we're going to show you that video later on. we do have a couple of different shots of the water spout. some videos coming in -- take a look at this. from top to bottom. >> the storm soaked many parts of the area. we have been tracking isaac and the stormy weather. >> it has been a very busy afternoon. the waterspout did not allow -- did not amount to a whole lot. the heaviest of the rain is moving
to the south of us where off the top we are talking about tropical storm isaac. it is gaining strength and headed towards the gulf coast. this is a live look at the massive storm on our vipir radar right now as you can see it churning away there in the gulf. new orleans is in the line of fire. >> now, isaac could become a hurricane sometime today and quite possibly reach category two strength by the time it makes landfall sometime later today or early tomorrow. there are mandatory evacuations to people living in low-lying areas outside of the levee system. >>> good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news. time to see what is happening here in the weather as well as with the hurricane. >> the pressure continues to fall with isaac and we'll get you a further update here momentarily. still a strong tropical storm moving very slowly t will be a big rainmaker down there as well. we've got a little rain moving in from the north and west. you can see the rain showers. these are very light, frederick out chards win chest are and front royal pushing up in
>>> this morning on "early today," closing in. all eyes are on isaac as the massive storm gains strength and heads for the gulf shore. >>> back on track. candidate mitt romney joins his fellow republicans at the storm-delayed convention in florida. >> and climate change. the sweltering summer melts crucl ice in the arctic ocean the sweltering summer melts crucl ice in the arctic ocean to record lows. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >> narrator: this is early today for tuesday, august 28th, 20 stwefl. >>> hello and good morning. today we begin with the gathering storm. as isaac takes aim at new orleans, the next 24 hours will determine just as destructive this storm will be. nbc's jay gray reports from new orleans. >> reporter: normally a sign of hope, this rainbow over the mississippi late monday is nowhere near enough to provide comfort for some in the path of isaac. >> yeah, you never know what you're going to get. >> reporter: there are mandatory is evacuations in plaquemines and other coastal pay parishes and thousands are saiding to higher ground. >> i'm headi
and the visual inspection in march turned up nothing. >>> people are bracing for hurricane isaac. isaac is expected to make landfall somewhere between new orleans and the florida panhandle. the biggest concern for gulf states is the heavy rainfall and storm surge. the hurricane could dump as much as 20 inches of rain causing severe flooding in loy lying areas. i know this is no katrina but seven years to the anniversary. >> it will come after midnight. that will mean the same date as katrina seven years later, not even 20% of the storm but an unwelcome hurricane. there will be flooding and storm surge. you can see the dedefined eye ramping up. right now we have winds of 100 miles an hour, a solid category one hurricane moving into new orleans and southern mississippi as well. back here in maryland, just the opposite. dry air has funneled in. that's making for a pleasant evening. the chance of rain from isaac toward the second half of your labor day, we'll have those details coming up. >>> we'll hear from baltimore -- all the baltimore city's new police commissioner. we'll introduce you
>>> making news in america this morning -- isaac's torrential rain. >> the storm comes ashore. then, slams on the brakes. it is now pummeling parts of the gulf coast, with not only heavy rain, but winds, as well. all that to continue for at least most of today, even tomorrow. >>> as the rain comes down, hundreds of thousands of folks have been left in the dark. even some of our abc colleagues were plunged into darkness last night. >>> and our other big story this morning. taking the stage at the republican convention, ann romney talks frankly about her husband. while new jersey governor, chris christie, takes aim at president obama. >>> and a contradicting account in the new book about the mission that killed osama bin laden. was he supposed to be captured? or killed? >>> and good morning, everyone. we begin this wednesday with the wicked storm. hurricane isaac, battering new orleans and the gulf coast region. ironically, on the seventh anniversary, to the day, of katrina. >> more than 200,000 homes and businesses have already lost power in the hours since isaac roared ashore southe
'm fredricka whitfield. >>> bracing for tropical storm isaac. take a look at miami beach, already being hit with wind and rain on the west coast. in tampa, people are sandbagging, trying to put up some kind of protection against the storm to come. here's the satellite view of this huge storm heading into the mouth of the gulf of mexico, along the gulf coast. new orleans may now be in its sights. isaac will be a hurricane when it reaches the gulf coast, possibly a category 3. chad myers will join us with more on that. a short time ago, louisiana's governor declared a state of emergency and is asking people who live in the low-lying areas to voluntary evacuate. so before louisiana, there is still south florida in play right now. and other parts of florida along the west coast that are keeping a close watch. we have correspondents spread across the state following isaac. as it moves in. so let's go to the florida keys which seems maybe it has dodged the bullet. that's where we find cnn's john zarrella. john, you got a break from isaac in terms of being relatively calm right now. but no one's r
for the day as all eyes remain on the monster storm that is tropical storm isaac. it is gaining strength and barreling toward the gulf of mexico. hello everyone, i'm tamron hall reporting from new orleans. the crosshairs, at least according to the latest information, of where isaac perhaps will land. here is the very latest information we have for you. united airlines has decided it will halt all flights from the big airport here in new orleans starting at midnight, no flights tuesday or wednesday. states of emergency now in effect for louisiana, florida, alabama, with the storm possibly making as mentioned a direct hit on new orleans as early as tomorrow. wednesday of course will be the seven-year anniversary to the day that hurricane katrina devastated this region. tens of thousands of people along the gulf coast have now been placed under mandatory evacuation orders. we are looking at more than 50,000 right now new orleans parish, alabama as well as louisiana. massive evacuations. want to take you, as i understand it, back to tampa. -- impacted by this big storm, let's listen in. >> c
for tropical storm isaac. people are sandbagging, trying to put up protection against the storm to come. republicans are gathering there for the national convention. events are happening a day later than planned because of this storm. isaac isn't giving a clear indication yet where it will make a direct hit in the united states but florida could dodge the bullet, instead, just brushing by isaac. but new orleans may now be in isaac's sights. we have correspondents spread across the region. you see along the florida coast in particular and all wait down to the caribbean for starters where isaac first started to touch land. isaac right now, however, is lashing the florida keys right now. that's where we find cnn's john zarrella. gosh, it looks calm right now even though the water is moving rapidly. describe what's happening. >> that's right. we're watching this storm. it's been moving so fast, i think around 20 miles an hour or more now. we're beginning to wonder if the center of the storm is already -- is a lot closer to us or over us now. you're right, a couple of hours ag the waves were
in tonight for gasia mikaelian, and this is bay area news at 7:00. tropical storm isaac is churning through the north now on a direct path through new orleans. today president obama declared a state of emergency in louisiana. live for us tonight in new orleans where isaac is forecast to arrive wednesday on the anniversary of hurricane katrina. . >> the president has declared a state of emergency in four states, including louisiana, granting fema to lead in the recovery efforts after isaac hits. meanwhile the rest of the gulf coast is bracing for impact. . >> boarding up in mississippi, loading up in louisiana, and shoring up at the water's edge, the gulf coast is bracing for impact. tropical storm isaac is cruising through warm waters, gaining strength. the states in its path want to be ready. >> everybody thinks about the wind. that's not the main risk from isaac. the main risk from isaac is flooding, water. in fact, 90% of life lost in the united states due to hurricanes are drowning. >> isaac could be a category 2 hurricane by the time it makes land fall probably tomorrow night, a day be
>>> tonight on "nightline" -- a monster storm named isaac pounds the coast of florida. we're there and on the ground in new orleans as that city battens down nearly seven years to the day after hurricane katrina. >>> and as the storm delays day one of the republican national convention, the stars are rolling into tampa, from herman cain to chris christie. what does it look like when these political frenemies get together for a grand ole party. >>> plus, skywalkers an extreme youtube trend. hundreds of feet high without a harness, inside a high-rise balancing act caught on tape. >> from the global resources of abc news with cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, and terry moran in tampa, florida. this is "nightline" august 27th, 2012. >>> good evening, i'm cynthia mcfadden. tonight, tropical storm isaac is spinning straight towards the gulf coast, growing stronger each hour and expected to grow into a full-on hurricane as it churns towards new orleans. where, as fate would have it, the storm is predicted to hit seven years to the day that hurricane katrina brought
>> hoy en el noticiero f telemundo, isaac azota y se sienten en el caribe, sede en la versiones republicana. miles de sof soÑador le han solicitado otros se preparan para cumplir su sueÑo y evitar la deportaciÓn. huevos de oro en mÉxico, toman medidas para no faltan el huevo en la canasta bÁsica familiar. >> capos en el fÚtbol en colombia ni el fÚtbol escapÓ de los tentÁculos del narcotrafico, se estarÍa repitiendo la historia en mÉxico un informe especial. >> la ediciÓn jueves de su noticiero telemundo comienza ya. >> noticiero telemundo con josÉ dÍaz-balart bala. >> hola ¿quÉ tal? muy buenas tardes, comenzamos con repÚblica dominicana y haitÍ los dos paÍses que comparten la isla espaÑola que segÚn las proyecciones se encuentra en el trayecto de la tormenta tropical isaac, ha provocado lluvias torrenciales en puerto rico y se podrÍa convertir en un huracÁn categorÍa 1 en cuba, para informarmos mÁs nos vamos con john morales de nbc, miami. >> hablaremos de isaac, por cierto parÉntesis otra tormenta se llama joeys, localizada ya en el mar caribe estÁ pa
>>> thank you for joining us, i'm j.c. hayward. tropical storm isaac is topping our newscast this afternoon and we have live team coverage. so let's begin with howard in the weather center. howard? >> reporter: we are watching isaac a strong tropical storm likely to become a hurricane later today, maybe by this evening. there he is, gaining some strength. now it hasn't really shown a pressure decrease since this morning, and we look for the pressure to fall as a sign of a strengthening storm. it does have a more impressive appearance here on the satellite than it has had, getting a little bit more symmetrical around the center of circulation. still a little bit of dry air coming in. the weaker it stays the better for everything on the northern gulf coast, especially in southeast louisiana and mississippi. i want to show you the radar view over the past six hours, you can certainly see a center of circulation down there. the other thing i want to point out, look at the rains coming in eastern florida. tampa not that bad, just a few showers. but the attention is all now turning
on the farewell for officer adrian morris. but first, tropical storm isaac is gaining strength and also gaining ground in new orleans. howard is standing by with the latest on the storm's location. >>> we've been watching it all morning creep closer to the coast, probably making landfall tonight. i think overnight will be the worst for new orleans and parts of southeastern louisiana. here's the storm and some good news. there's been a little bit of dry air being wrapped into it. while we've got the bright clusters of red indicating the tallest thunderstorms wrapping around the center of circulation, we don't have an eye showing up. we don't have symmetry and a good looking storm so it's failed as of this point to make it to a hurricane. it's a strong tropical storm. it has the winds at 70 miles an hour sustained around the center. you'll notice a tornado watch has been issued. this is very common for land falling tropical systems on the right side of the path. but from new orleans east toward western florida, potential tornadoes in these bands that will be feeding on shore the next couple of ho
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